Sunday, December 23, 2012

Challenge Your Self

Read photography book, articles or following photography course, photo hunting, consulting with your mentor or senior. There is a lot of way which should be able to increase your photo quality more effective.

Learning photography actually is just same with learn anything generally, all that learn processes connected with not far from two thing that is

1. Exam or test
2. Awards/or self satisfy.

Because of that, after learn sometime, we need challenge our self with a test. And in the end, hope we can get awards, or At least you can satisfy you desire fro what you did a long with your learn time.

Photo Competition.

First, you should follow photo competition to test your self. Better attempt to direct photo competition then a competition that asks you to send edited photo, because direct competition ma you to direct interact with another photographer that of course you do not know them. Usually 90 % of the is a mane, and very aggressive to winning competition. They usually better now what they should do than you. They move faster to take a shot photo object. And their equipment, Of course better then you. And then if you ask what you try to get from competitions like that ? the answer is a lot.

First, before or after photo competition, usually the organizer competition does short workshops. That workshop is very useful to adjust your photography knowledge.

Secondly, you will not lie to yourself. As noobs and in there with hundred another photographer you do not know, feel like intimidated. Especially if half of them use camera with high tech lens. But do not worry, tell yourself that they do not know that you are newbie. And sometime, to give a courage, you can rent a good lens for a day. And they will not know that it is a rent lens.

Meaning stand in that intimidated atmosphere is to test yourself, can you handle and to make you used with that environment. To be a photographer is not means you will surrounded by your good friends. In challenging environment, sometimes with difficult model. We will stop learns if we do not out to challenge our self and not out from you comfort zone to adjust your self in the new environment.

Every photo competition teaches us a lot new thing. In one competition you learn about human interest. In another competition, you learn about landscape. In another competition again you learn about rally photo. In all competition, you learn about new location, about places new history which used for competition, and meet with a lot new peoples.

To be continued

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